Why we exist

This isn’t your every day app review site, in our featured apps, we focus on mining out the apps that truly deserve to receive the spotlight. The less popular the app is, with the balance of genuine functionality, aesthetics, usability, price and overall quality, the more spotlight it should receive. Several hundreds of apps on various App Stores and Market places are buried deep in the never ending sea of apps, unfortunately, despite the developer’s next efforts, failed to gain significant recognition and is instead fighting for survival against often overrated apps that seem to be broadcasted everywhere in the social media.


What we plan to change

We strive to do our best to highlight the apps that are lower in ranks or have failed to gain momentum needed for a healthy app growth. As these gifted developers lose hope in the market, they abandon their talents in hopes of finding another way to make a living. we plan to give see developers a second chance hopefully to give them confidence that their app is brilliant and so that we can see a bigger variety of apps and app developers in the markets.


How are these apps rated

Every app will undergo extreme average user testing for the following categories: quality, aesthetics, price-benefits, usability, highly subjective worth, and potential. We will place a final rating mostly based on the potential and quality that the app deserves to be downloaded by millions around the world.


Developer’s voice

If a developer contacts us about a clarification or an upcoming fix, we’ll gladly post this information so that you readers can get the most accurate information possible. That’s just the way we roll.


Reader’s voice

As always, you can sound off your opinions on the app in the comments, or give specific app requests for gems that have be overcrowded in the contact us section in the navigation menu

We really hope that this initiative can spread creating jobs for many hungry indie developers who’s efforts have not been recognized. We also hope that this will help first time developers get a feel of just how much quality is needed to build a truly healthy app ecosystem, not only ones which are favored by the media.



We are not affiliated with Apple Inc, Google Inc, or any app development companies featured on this website. We take no responsibilities for any damage that they might cause and they have no part in the content that we write (besides “Developer’s Voice”).