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Do not be afraid to ask anything, everything that you send to us will be considered! We will also make an effort to reply to every email, but due to the volume of emails we receive, or we might miss a message or not have enough time to respond.

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Advertisements here work on a monthly cycle. Every month, you can bid on a placement. There are two placement options available: sidebar 250×125 and sidebar 125×125. They will be images and no text so try to make them look as professional as possible. We are still young so prices are low with a pack of app hungry people waiting to download. Just use the same contact form below and select that you want to advertise and we will talk!


App Suggestions

In your message, make mention of your app name, iTunes link, app website (if available), an outline of the features, what the app may be used for and mention any other sites that have already reviewed it. We are looking for top quality underdog apps, that have not been noticed by very many people, so actually the less your app is reviewed, the more we will consider it!

If you have a paid app, please provide a promo code in the message body so that the app is more accessible to us. If you would like, you can also provide more promo codes so that we may further promote your app with a giveaway or other promotions.


Tips, Feedback, Anything

If you have a neat trick, whether it is a hot piece of news, special features of a device or an app or if there is a typo or a suggestion that leads to improving the site, the experience or the content, feel free to send it. We really appreciate it!


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