Behold! The first paid app review on our new website, Of course, we focus on the most under appreciated apps, hoping to make them more popular and to inspire indie developers to create quality apps. Today, the reviewed app is Calvetica Calendar, a universal calendar for iPhone and iPad.

Calvetica calendar is the best and most fluid calendar calendar I have ever tried. Even though this app receives some attention on it’s first release, it has receive several timely upgrades like a new interface, tasks and an even speedier entry window for events. It has been since forgotten by the app world. We think that this app deserves a second chance.



Version 4.0 of Calvetica received a lot of criticism by long time users because it changed too much, too quickly, however, I actually felt the opposite if the popular opinion. I do not find the new version crowded, but instead more useful and productive! Calvetica is fully loaded with the fastest entry of any calendar apps, agenda, week and month views, multiple calendars, reminders sync and a light task management system.

If you do find this version crowded, there is always the classic version, which is now a separate app on the App Store which brings back the old two page design, for a less information dense feel. Calvetica Calendar also has a handy reminder system which I also use frequently, a simple task system for straightforward task management and an equally professional universal iPad version. They also have a syncing system which you don’t even need a real email to sign up for the tasks which is so seamless, sometimes, I felt like it didn’t even work. The iPad version is also spectacular with a larger month view for big fingers and the same quick task and event adding system.

See Screenshots!



Where this app shines is the fast entry and clean layout. Even though the newest version added a few taps with the calendar, it did put some of the more hidden features out front like start and end date, although hiding the calendar selection which is quite a bummer for me, because I like using the calendars to sort (and add color to) my Calvetica. The fast layout requires one tap and a few keyboard clicks to add an event, which is great because it takes the focus off the software and more on the event which I want to add.



The app has a minimalist interface from it’s opening release. However some people think that the new version is too crowded. This is very subjective and will cater to different people’s tastes. I for one however, feel that Calvetica seems more complete now with more detail. The landscape week view has been added back which is great, but sometimes adding precise times like 5:35 PM isn’t easy. Overall, the app looks great, feel great and keeps me interested in using it, which is crucial to any organization app.



There are a ton of little features that don’t make it to the descriptions, but the little things really do make a difference. Calvetica has color coded calendars, many gestures, cute messages in subtitles, search, a bucket load of settings, an FAQ, a fast time entry and the best seamless bonus, direct two way integration with the preinstalled calendar making Calvetica seamlessly retrieve all your events.

Also, you aren’t locked in either, when you delete Calvetica (I know I won’t), all you events should be mirrored on your system calendar (or any other synced calendar). This means if you added Google Calendar to your main system calendar, you’ve basically have two way syncing between this app and a cloud based calendar. Neat!



The app is at a reasonable 2.99 at this time of writing which is the perfect price in my opinion, but the universal update made it really worth it. For an average productivity price, you will get a high end touch that makes it feel like a complete product. The app really is nice to use and doesn’t like to get in the way. The developers are great with timely responses and knows what they need to do with this app. They also have a nice website with some good documentation which can help you get started. Overall, at this price, you will get a good deal and it is an integral part of my workflow.



This app is sincerely great, an overall 4.9 hearts for $2.99 well spent. There are a few bugs to be ironed out and the task system is a little incomplete at the moment which is why it is not 5 hearts. The app is extremely comprehensive and as we mentioned, it isn’t for everybody, but it works for me as my go to calendar and it is certainly worth a try. Feel free to express your opinion in the comments!



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