While wading through the endless see of apps, we found an app that helps you not only reach your water drinking goals but also helps you limit the amount of fluid intake for unhealthier drinks like soda beverages, alcohol and coffee. This way, you will be sure and know how much more liquids you need for healthy living or until you are drunk.

What I like about this app the most is the very beautiful interface. You are presented with a helpful start page that explains how to get started. You can then set your goals and track your drinks by adding a drink once you drank something. The interface looks fabulous and keeps me motivated on using it!

For a free program, there isn’t many more beautifully done trackers that actually keep you motivated on your health.



DrinkBot is designed to make your daily drinks measurable and fun. Not only are you able to define what you drink, but you can also set your goals and limits so that the app can help you track how much of each item you drank. The app also has a history like calendar option that lets you backtrack between days and look at your drinking on past dates.

Once you declare your drinks, click the plus button on the top right on the main page and add the drink quantity that you drank for each drink. The app will then very cleverly show how much you drank, what you drank and how much until you’re goal/limit with a neat human shaped indicator.

If you wish, you can also post your daily results on Facebook or email them to yourself or a friend.

See Screenshots!



When you use DrinkBot, you will immediately feel that the animations make sense. Each button is design to be intuitive and easy to figure out. I especially love how the top and bottoms scroll, open and close when going to the various pages. The animations are very well done and there is no lag or distraction from the experience.

I like the black/grey-white/light blue theme that DrinkBot has in place. It is very subtle, professional and easy on the eyes. What I would like to see though is a swipe for next drink because this seems more intuitive than to press next and previous arrows.



The workflow is a little complicated if you just skipped over the help at the first launch of the app (there is always the help button in the settings). You have to go into settings and tap the drink you want to add a size for. This is important because you can only add drinks of a certain size (I guess for simplicity). You can pick an icon and add a name like “Water Bottle” to be able to add drinks of that size.

Once you are done declaring your sizes and your names, you can use the add button from the main screen and swipe through your declared drinks to add a drink. It becomes easier once you are done declaring drinks, but can be quite confusing if you haven’t.



There are tick sounds for button presses and double tick sounds for scrolling, which can be disabled. You can change your indicator person to a female to personalize the app a bit. You can also select between metric or imperial units when declaring sizes.



The next/previous drink buttons can feel small for big thumbs and animations may feel a tad slow (but still no lag). It would also be better if you can add a size directly in the add new drink page, that way, it would be easier for first time users. It would also be neat to have statistics like a graph of the past week or month of drinking habits and goal meeting



If you want to stay healthy and drink those 8 glasses of water a day, or if you want to limit alcohol or soda drinking, this app is great. Not only can you track several things at once, but you can revisit past dates to see which ones you went over the limit or reached your goal. All of this is wrapped in an elegant interface that really pleases the eye.



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