There’s no better new way to start the 2013 New Year than to feature an app all about keeping New Years resolutions! Lift for iPhone is exactly the app for that.

The concept for Lift is a little different than the other habit tracking apps that I’ve tried. Instead of presenting a calendar, and then guilt tripping you whenever you missed your resolution in the week, Lift puts the current day more in context and lets you see exactly what resolutions you need to do for that day.

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Lift is incredibly easy to use. You start by making an account to the service in order to connect with social features… (and perhaps connect with future clients?). Then you add resolutions from a list of popular ones, from a category such as “Productivity” or manually type your own in the search bar.

The neat thing is, that by selecting a resolution that other people are already committed to, such as “Drink more water”, you can get inspired and feel that you are not alone in your path to conquer a poor habit.

Everyday, you can open the app and tap the resolution that you completed and check it down to track the frequency of the completion. You can also see how others are completing their resolutions and how many days in a row, or how many times a week you’ve committed to the resolution. There is also a calendar view if you want to see your frequency in a different way.



What’s really cool about this app is that it integrates nicely into a mini social network. You can instantly see who else has committed to a resolution and how many days that they have been committing.

You can invite friends to the app and see when they resolve their resolutions and how frequently they are committing to it. You can also give “props” to someone as a achievement for committing to a resolution or even starting one for the first time. This really adds to the motivation to stick to a resolution, a feature that other habit trackers are somewhat lacking in.

You might already make your friends or the general public know what you are eating for lunch, so letting the world know that you are knocking off your poor habits really gives a sense of accomplishment! I find that above all, the social feature of Lift really makes it stand out and worth using.



Lift is not your average habit tracker. The interface might seem a little clunky at first and the loading screens can be a tad slow at times, but the motivation that it gives to complete a task is unmatched. The social features of letting others know how many times you’ve completed a resolution and knowing the same about your friends, adds another layer of encouragement to clear that poor habit.

This app is perfect for New Years resolutions and hopefully it can help you achieve yours!



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