If you are embarrassed about using a calculator for simple arithmetic problems or need to brush up on mental math skills, Math Workout is the perfect app for that! Math Workout is a Kumon inspired math exercise app that allows you to test your mental math skills and improve on them.

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The Workout

The app is separated into 7 categories: Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, I’m Feeling Clever, The Brain Cruncher, Times Table Master, Math Blaster Challenge, and Online World Challenge. Each category has it’s own type of challenge that lets you focus on the area of improvement for your needs.

For each category, you can select the difficulty and number of questions. As your solving completion times improve, you can try out these new difficulties for a varied workout.

Math Workout definitely scores high regarding motivation. For each wrong answer, you will receive a 5 second penalty, which is usually greatly detrimental to your final time. As a result, you will find yourself solving more questions correctly, in a faster time, thus limiting the number of mental math mistakes in real life.


The Solving Times

Each category puts you in a slightly different solving setting. For example, The Brain Cruncher will put you in a higher pressure situation, in order to train your brain to think in a variety of situations.

For each category and difficulty, you will be ranked based on your personal high score. Since each round doesn’t usually take very long, trying to improve your previous times quickly becomes addicting. You can also compete online in the World Challenge category.



Math Workout is an amazing app for those who want to brush up on mental math skills or want to learn to solve basic arithmetic problems quickly. The buttons are large enough not to fumble with and the app works fast and smoothly. The workout is a great brain exercise and it does not require you to be a math genius to have fun with.



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