Have you ever just wanted to sit down and write something? PlainText for iPhone and iPad is the best free minimalist writing software that you will find! Having written this review in PlainText, I felt the focus that can be achieved through using the app. The clean design sets your mind straight and forces you to concentrate on what matters: writing.


Write Beautifully

When you write any document in PlainText, the only thing you will see is the text and the keyboard. No fancy buttons whatsoever. When editing, you can hold the text to see the word count. You can also click the heading title to print, email, or rename the document. The app uses a simple, easy to read font on a well chosen background for you to feel focused while writing without any distractions.



This app has simple Dropbox support for syncing and storage, although it works perfectly fine offline. You can also search through your documents and store them into folders. While writing, you can also enter full screen mode to remove any excess clutter to leave you with only the text. There is also TextExpander support for those who want to write faster by expanding commonly used phrases.



PlainText is a simple writing app with its design being its best feature. It really allows you to settle into your writing flow and emphasizes the task at hand without being cumbersome in any way. It’s made with few features to keep it lightweight. If you need more power, you can check out Hog Bay Software’s Writeroom and Taskpaper. For those who don’t need powerhouse editing capabilities, but wish to focus and write in fashion, PlainText is the perfect app for you!



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