An app that’s recently caught my attention is one that helps you calculate the best unit price for any given list of items, intuitively named Real Price. The intuitiveness of this app is amazing. Don’t know if a 2 for 5$ deal on 20 oz water is more expensive than a 3 for 7$ deal on 500mL water? Real price will tell you that it is… by 0.001/mL. For less trivial matters though, this app can help save a ton of money and a ton of time for calculations.


How To Use

Essentially how this neat little app works is that you enter a list of items with a set quantity, size, unit and price, and mathemagically, you obtain a visual view of what is the best unit price and how that price compares with the rest of the prices. The cost is compared relative to your other quantities and are given a shade of red to show its cheapness. A red ribbon is also placed beside the number one best unit price.

What I also like about the app is that there doesn’t feel like a limit to the number of items that I can compare at one time and that flexibility seems to make the app ever more useful when the list of things to compare increases. That being said, it would also benefit to save a list of previously compared items to refer to in the future.

For the non-mathematically inclined, I feel there is a slight learning curve in figuring out what exactly is the difference between quantity and size. Once you figure out that the size only affects the calculation for units that are not “items” though, it becomes clear that size pertains to the units (e.g. 500 is the size for the unit mL)



Real Price is a simple and intuitive app that addresses a need in our society. It allows you to calculate and compare unit prices based on a wide variety of units, quantities and prizes (oh and sizes :) ) so that you can determine the absolute best price. I can certainly see this app being used in many practical cases.



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