While we were hunting for apps that are interesting, fresh and deserve attention, we stumbled across one app that not only had a gorgeous interface, but also has practical uses. It’s name is A+ FlashCards, an app that lets you add and use virtual flashcards in a creative and beautiful way.

Note: This app is free for a limited time! Be sure to grab it before it goes back to full price ($4.99)

Flashcards have been excellent for studying, whether this be for exams, tests, general knowledge whatever. However, it is really bulky to carry tons of these 3×5 pieces of paper with you at all times. This is why A+ FlashCards is so useful. In addition to the ones you create, you can also go to right in the app to download flashcard sets that Quizlet users create!



Although there are several flashcards apps on the App Store, none have been really easy to use. Whether this be creating a card, navigating through your card piles or just even quizzing with a card. A+ FlashCards allow you to create card piles using templates: text, text with picture or text with camera. This takes the hassle out of declaring for every single little card their own image and stuff. This app has a built in Bing Translate tool which is helpful when quizzing your foreign knowledge skills and a Bing image search which adds diagrams and pictures without needing to previously saving them.

Creating flashcards is fast and has a nice workflow, needing only a few clicks on a keyboard and a done button to successfully add a card. When viewing your flashcards, simply tap on the big paper like button which has your last tested item listed. The app will automatically go into a quizzing mode where there are: “Don’t Know”, “Not Sure” and “Know” categories. By tapping on the buttons, you can essentially sort the material into what you know already and what you need to study.

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This app comes with a fair bit of aesthetics. By that, I mean that this app is ridiculously clean and professional. Animations are really smooth and natural, but may get dull. Using the intuitive gestures, swipe through your list of cards sets, tap to “flip” the card to see its back side  to reveal answers, and even drag a card towards a button to “sort” the card into boxes for the ones I know, don’t know and need to check.



If you ever make a mistake on your card, there is no need to rip it up and throw it in the garbage like in real life. When you are in the card set list page, you can hit the gear (“Settings”) button which will let you edit that set. You can reset your test section to start testing from the beginning, edit cards, change categories, backup the set and shuffle the cards. If you are really flashcard savvy, you can even change the font and the text-size.

In the card set editing screen, you can view cards individually by swiping left and right and using the usual gestures such as tap to flip the card. You can also add cards to the set, go to a random card, edit the contents of a card, and delete a card.



Besides the nice interface, you also get a free iPad version that comes bundled as an universal app. This means that you can quiz yourself with any portable Apple device. The iPad app uses its big screen and adds a real flashcard feel with the bigger text size and the near actual size cards themselves. You can also sort your card sets into categories which you can define by pressing the arrow and “Default” text to sort your cards into different categories.

You also get statistics on how well you are doing after answering the “I know”, “I don’t know” and “Not sure” questions after each flashcard to give you a summary of how well exactly you know your stuff. I also love the subtle but elegant use of dots at the top of a card set to indicate how far or how studied a set is.



What I can suggest for improvements are to maybe add a help section for those who are having trouble remembering gestures or even a documentation explaining how to do an action when it is not immediately obvious. I would also suggest being able to define a custom order to test the cards in because for studying purposes, some people like things in order and can remember easier when it is in order. Editing a dumb mistake or going back to the previously added card can also be a hassle and would need to navigate through the editing screen to fix the error.



A+ FlashCards is slick, easy to use and intuitive. Flashcards can quickly be added and viewed and the app just provides an overall great environment to study in. In general, A+ FlashCards can be used not only by busy students who have tests and exams to study through, but also average people who want to reinforce their knowledge with a simple and convenient tool. We are proud to give A+ FlashCards a 4.2/5 rating and we hope that you enjoyed reading this review!



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