aTimeLogger is an absolute gem, and worthy to be the first app ever featured on! If you have no idea who we are, we are here to feature the least popular, but still awesome apps and to level the playing field for apps that don’t get enough attention. On the outside, it is a simple, free time tracker that can keep track of your laundry, your cooking, your chess matches, etc. On the inside, this is a powerhouse of a time tracking software for freelancers and other professionals.

The great thing about aTimeLogger is it’s ability to seamlessly shift from a professional tool to a personal productivity utility. You can define categories, start an activity, then quit the app and do other work, while having aTimeLogger track the whole thing. You can keep logs, sort them by day, week, month with three views: list, chart, calendar. For freelancers, there are powerful reporting options and a multitude of customization options for your unique workflow.



This is a time tracking tool that really parallels with paid, desktop tools, only it’s lighter, portable and FREE. As I already stated, you can start activities with zero hassle, look through the logs by different views, have statistics about your category like frequency and time per day, you can create a csv or HTML export of the logs. This really is a full blown time tracking program.

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Adding an activity takes almost noontime at all, with a simple press on a category, you can start a log such as a sport, sleep, work, eating, etc. This speed and the fact that it is only a single button press will fit nicely into anyone’s workflow as it barely takes any effort to press a button. You can later add comments, set planned finishes and tweak the time if you like. The app displays a badge to show the active counters and notifications of when your planned finishes are due.

You can put activities into categories which is a great way right off the bat to sort your activities and to Ana,use where exactly did the time fly off too. There are several predefined categories already existing, but just as easily, you can go to settings to declare more. Not only does this keep track of time, but you can use it to keep track of your life as well! Easily define the categories that you frequently use and keep track of everything like a journal!



If you go into the more tab, you will find the settings button where you can define custom categories complete with icons and rudimentary colors. You can set how the app works like if you want to display warnings for start and stop, the style like grouped lists, multiline comments, etc.

You can even change the theme completely and change from a dark theme to the classic Apple UI elements. You can password protect the app, tweet your activities, and so much more.



Despite all the good, there is room for improvement, with aTimeLogger, in my opinion, the interface could be prettier. It’s a basic interface and some of the icons aren’t as professional as I would like. In general, the themes aren’t that pretty and it doesn’t draw me back to the app and make me continue to use it as much as I want to. I can tell that good things are going to come though because the screenshot on their website looks fabulous and much more polished. It lacks another important feature in my opinion which is searching through your logs.



If your an average person like me, you will feel that this app is pretty slick for something of this price. The multitude of features make up for the less appealing interface. If you ever get lost, you can easily navigate their help menu in the More tab or send the developer and email. Overall, I think that this app is truly special. You simply can’t get a better time tracker on the iPhone for a better price.

And that’s it! our first ever review on AppUnderdog. We released with a simple motive, and as you can see, there are tons of apps left out in the cold who are still awesome and useful, just like those that get all the attention. :)



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