Yet another gem comes to AppUnderdog! We discovered this app a while back while digging through the endless amounts of browsers in the AppStore. Maven is not only clean, fast, but it packs every feature we could want without totally wrecking the experience.


Unique Qualities

Besides the abundance of other features that Maven packs, the most that stand out are the two convenient “jog dials” on the sides which makes accessing your bookmarks a breeze. There is also one for brightness you your eyes are safe for night reading. Not only that, but it also boasts a nice thumbnail view for a visual display of your tabs, and a neat little joystick like slide button for scrolling. All of this is wrapped up in a clean and clear space that isn’t too distracting on the webpage. Recently, the devs also added a gestures section to the settings which allows you to use swipe gestures with two or more fingers to move between tabs, full screen etc.



As far as aesthetics go, there isn’t much bang to it. It isn’t very clean as shown by the reader button that doesn’t even have it’s own icon, and the lack of a personalized style, simply a generic gray overlay with unstyled URL and search cancel buttons, but (rather unfortunately, it is still better than browsers like Atomic, and Perfect Web Browser which have atrocious interfaces). The layout looks great and well implemented, but it’s lacking the futuristic touch. It seems like the developers were going with more of a chrome like feel where they placed the necessary components while adding in their own style (visual tabs and trackpad) without fully polishing it inside out.


Bang For Your Buck

Despite lacking on the looks in my opinion, where Maven shines is the abundance in the amount of features they bake for you for your money. They have everything a browser should have like password saving, bookmarks, separate tab private mode, full screen, downloads, page share, tabs (standard and visual), and search built in. You get a lot of power with this app without sacrificing speed at all. I have never seen Maven hiccup with page loading, ever.



In addition, Maven runs iPad formatted with no extra charge as well, and it certainly comes with the same quality as the iPhone version, with more space for the webpage. The visual tabs are great here, and the added iPad counterpart makes your money twice as valuable.



Unlike other browsers, Maven wants to go all out. None of this were-not-adding-it-because-we-are-lazy-and-we-want-to-keep-it-”simple” nonsense. It can do almost everything your desktop browser could. It has Readability, translation of webpages to English, text size adjust, rotation lock, and dual screen mode which splits your browser into two panes with different websites which is really neat. You can also use the search bar on the top right for a quick Google Search.


Power Users

For power users, you may appreciate the vast variety of features that maven offers. It works equally well even with over 10 tabs open and heavy web apps like gmail and google reader. However, there still are features that you might be missing from your desktop counterpart like printing web pages, add ons, themes, and customizable looks.



Maven is a great overall browser with tons of features of which many other apps have separately for a higher price. It’s my favorite browser and it’s certainly worth taking a look at. For light users, you may appreciate the speedy loading and the general power that you get when using this app. Overall, I am very pleased to give this app a 4.3/5



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