Priorities for iPhone and iPad is perhaps the most streamlined task manager on the App Store.  Having tried hundreds of task managers, none have fit my fancies as much as this has. Not only are there a lot of features, but the features make sense, and they don’t clutter or boggle up the workflow.

On my search for the perfect todo app, I came up with several requirements that fit my workflow the best:

  • Hierarchical lists
  • Fast entry and task editing
  • Multiple projects
  • Syncing
  • A pretty looking interface
  • A sense of satisfaction


Why I love it

Out of my requirements, many of the apps on the App Store fit the bill, but they were either too expensive or was too slow. Before this app, I had been using 2Do, which I admit is a great todo list, but lagged at times and the syncing was intrusive. Priorities came without all the issues of 2Do, while adding a whole new experience to the personal management experience.

Not only is Priorities fast, but it is powerful. It can make checklists, have multiple “pages”, or projects, star items, and sync. It is also considerable cheaper than other high end todo lists at only $2.99 when I purchased it.


List making joy

You start off by pressing the add button in the lower left corner. Priorities will bring up an SMS style entry box allowing you to quickly jot down a task. It is also extremely easy to add a second or third task just by pressing the next button. This way, you can rapidly enter your tasks to increase productivity.

Once you entered the task, you can tap  on it to enter details like due date, alerts, recurrence and notes if needed. Or after typing it in the fast entry screen, you can tap the triple dots or the details button to enter this information. The details page is done on a list style basis which I like because it makes picking and choosing dates and alarms natural and enjoyable.

What I emphasized earlier about Priorities is the speed of adding a task. You can obtain the same efficiency for checklist making as well. By holding on any one task, the add task box will appear and the task will automatically be indented to show hierarchy. This makes jotting down ideas super fast, so you work forget the thing that you were supposed to do.


Project management

Projects, or “pages” as they call it are super easy to manage in priorities. By clicking on pages button on the bottom right corner, you can add pages and navigate to other pages and color code them. You can also change pages by swiping left and right on the main screen.

Pages keep all your tasks organized and allows you to categorize your tasks. You can also move a task between pages to further organize. You can also star items by pressing the star beside a task to label them in a special page called “My Priorities” which will collect all the tasks that are starred to mark which ones you decided  has the highest priority.



Besides awesome list making abilities, Priorities also allows you to sync your tasks to your other iDevices. This way, your tasks will be available no matter the mobile medium you to choose to use at the moment. The syncing is flawless and seamless as well. Instead of intruding, you can add tasks asynchronously while the app syncs your other to dos, and it shows the synching percentage in the status bar.

Priorities also has a universal iPad counterpart which utilizes the bigger screen to its full advantage. Not only does it show more todos, but your pages are all on the sidebar which makes page changing hassle-free. The iPad version has the exact same features as the iPhone version, which is consistent and familiar.

Just to show off some of the action button features (center button on the bottom), Priorities also packs expanding and collapsing checklists, emailing, sharing, saving as a template and purging your completed tasks. There is also a plethora of settings and customizations available such as setting the defaults for reminders, syncing, and appearances.



There is no other list making app that has as nice a workflow as Priorities. Everything in the app is intuitive and encourages me to complete my tasks. The way the task fades and crosses out, to the speed which I can enter them is motivating. Also, pair the speed and intuitiveness with pages, syncing and many other features and settings and clearly we’ve got a 5.0/5 app. Note that this is the first 5/5 awarded on




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