If you like infographics and cool apps that raise awareness about a certain topic, here is an app that will soothe your mind in both regards. Smarter Money, is an app that spells out how much certain items can cost over time and the amount of money you spend on items over long periods of time.

Being a simple app, this review isn’t as long as the other apps shown of AppUnderdog, but it is indeed very cool and deserving a review on AppUnderdog.


How to Use

Smarter Money for iPhone is a really simple app that can tell you how much money you spend on a variety of items like candy, cigarettes, coffee, anything. All you have to do is swipe to change the quantity, measure, the frequency of spending on that item, and duration of spending. The results will be automatically calculated and displayed on the bottom half of the screen.

Example results:
1 cheeseburger per day for one ear will cost 745 USD

You can also add items to measure. This is where this app turns from awareness to a powerful calculator. You can use this app to calculate the amount of gas, or any recurring purchase to get a sense of how much you spend. You can even use it to calculate how much you spend on the App Store!

You can then share your calculations on Facebook!



The app is very pink, which might throw off some people. The words are well bolded and easy to read. Very simple layout with intuitive and clear navigation without having to learn it. The swipe gestures are very responsive and the app feels polished and friendly.



If your item is likely going to increase in price, you can set the inflation bar in the settings tab. You can also set rate of return and tax rate. What’s also cool is that you can add favorites to you list and refer to them later when you feel the need. You can also adjust the currency depending on your situation.

The uses on this app is endless. On the outside, it can be used for awareness of spending, but it also holds the power to intelligently calculate savings for the next investment taking into account tax, rate of return and inflation. This app is ridiculously simple and gives the straight hard facts fast and prominently.



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