Need to store information securely and easily? Try Tap Forms for iPhone. Tap Forms is a personal database manager which offers ridiculous portability and customizability. The greatness of Tap Forms lies in its extendibility, with 26 built in forms, the ability to create your own, and more.


Unique Qualities

Unique fields. Besides all the basic forms that the app provides with you, you can also create your own forms to fit your needs exactly. This could mean a list of movies to watch, presents to get, a personal diary, or even an App Underdog review! There are many possibilities of fields to use including dates, photos, pick lists (like an options list) and much more.

Beaming and file management is also a unique feature as it allows you to send an entry to a nearby device that also installed Tap Forms. You can also use Tap Forms as a file manager as it allows you to save email attachments to be viewed in its built in viewer, such as documents. Why is this great in this app? Well if you want your files under a shield of encryption and a pin, Tap Forms would be a great place to drop your files in. Speaking of dropping stuff, it also has Dropbox and web server support.

Dual core security. Whether you trust them or not, Tap Forms comes with both a passcode protection at startup and an option to encrypt the entire database in the settings page. It does claim to have AES-256 bit US government approved encryption.



The only section of the app that I feel can be improved is the ease of entry of database items. I do recognize that the app is heavily extendable and thus needs to cater to a wide variety of uses, however, entering info in fields feels slow and clunky, especially while navigating from one page to another.

I also find that especially in a database program, there should be an option to batch process such as deleting or moving records. It is however able to sort my records based on fields and search through them based on certain criteria with the “search rule” feature!



Tap Forms is cross platform across iPhone, iPad and Mac, all synced together with iCloud. This means that you can edit your database on the go and expect the change to be reflected on the desktop. You are also not locked into Tap Forms in any way since you can backup your database to a zip file.



Overall, this app is great for anything that needs to be protected or referenced at a later time. Its wide variety of forms like notes, important dates, audio recording, journaling, etc, are all great uses for Tap Forms.



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